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Intelligent Mindful Action

Posted by on Jun 22, 2013


wisdom-sword-with-stand-2441_smallwebThis secret sword, when used properly, represents “intelligent mindful action”- wisdom as a result of both “knowledge and experience”.   There are times when you have studied something so well, you understand all the details.  Some people call this “book smart” – if you are in an academic setting, “learned“.

Alternatively, there are times you exhibit much experience on a subject, although you may not have structured education.  Some people refer to this as “years of experience” or “life’s lessons”.

Both of these characteristics are important components to grow as an individual and martial artist. Too much reliance on knowledge without real experience is like reading a medical journal then performing a surgery on your best friend.  Your friend must really trust you!

On the other hand, too much reliance on experience without knowledge is like flying a jumbo jet after mastering a XBOX video game.  All the passengers aboard are really trusting you!

Neither of these examples, reflect real mastery.

From this “intelligent mindful action”, we are reminded the benefits of relying on both “knowledge and experience” to effortlessly “manage” the situation at hand. Think of those times when you were so “cool-headed”, so calm you knew both the answer and the process to accomplish the goal.  Maybe you are really a master at playing an instrument, using Photoshop, speaking under pressure, coding an app, or “just getting things done”.

Your effective action caused everyone to ask you for the “secret to success“.

For those aspiring to management, whether it be a firm or managing oneself, reflect on the value of “intelligent mindful action”.   For those who are looking for more than a “punch and kick school”, meditation complements To-Shin Do self-defense training and helps you advance in your career.

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– by Leo Pimentel



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