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The Ninja in 2013: Rise of the Golden Phoenix

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013


The Golden Phoenix on top

Kinkaku-ji: The Golden Pavillion

The following article highlights an “inconvenient truth” about the current age of martial arts.

The martial arts epitomizes the basic stages of development – initiation, growth and development, proficiency, mastery, and ultimately….wisdom.  So, why do so many martial arts training programs and subsequently their students fall short of mastery? Consider the last 10 years, reality TV promoters advertise Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) matches that poise two fighters against each other in a pit – promoters advertise these cage fights as “no holds barred” and fail to mention the 31 violations in the “rules for conduct” (fouls).  A sort of “ungentlemanly” duel where each fighter’s job is to achieve a submission or KO.  The advent of MMA created disparate fighting systems ranging from traditional to modern.  In truth, combining mixed martial systems in hopes to create a “super art” is an old idea when viewed from the perspective of martial artists in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  It seems that if you wait long enough, martial arts programs transition from convergence (mixed-martial arts) to divergence (one style).  Perhaps, martial artists strive to unlock the “secrets” – the olden days where a skilled warrior could handle various scenarios.  The Ninja is one of the most iconic masters of balancing awesome physical skills, spiritual powers, such as ‘unrelenting determination’, and psychic abilities, such as intuition and premonition.  Would it be wonderful if a martial arts school could impart the historical lessons in context for today’s world, in a SAFE training format?  The martial art you desire to learn is To-Shin Do.

To-Shin Do teaches both the historical and contemporary fighting methods from nine historical ninja lineages dating as far back as 900 years ago.  Each of these systems, a complete fighting method, contain the timeless secrets of many masters that survived battle. On a battlefield, you do not have the privilege of a referee, coach, and “cut man” to put you back together to continue in the fight.  No crowds to cheer you on chanting your name.  In fact, most muggers ensure the odds are definitely not in your favor, whether you are alone or with your spouse or loved one.  Why take a chance on learning some modern system that teaches you to wrestle on a mat, while you leave your loved one exposed to danger?  Why leave yourself exposed to a kick in the head from his friends, leaving you debilitated and permanently injured for life, because you took the fight to the ground?  Why fight like a gladiator when you can move like a wizard?

To-Shin Do, founded by An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, teaches the very skills you seek to solve today’s issues whether involved in enhancing your career, managing office politics, or dealing with a “bad guy” on the street.  Transforming the timeless principles of the Ninja from the battlefields of Japan to today’s culture, you are assured the utmost confidence in being secure and handling threats with the most appropriate response.

In 2013, the person looking to become “one of the untouchables” must become a Ninja.  Start your training in To-Shin Do today!



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