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Empowered Living

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012

When you read the words Empowered Living, what thoughts come to mind?  Does it read as if it is something unobtainable or something “nice to have one of these days”?  Imagine a pragmatic leadership program where individuals support each other in obtaining goals.  What are you up to in life and how can we help?

Every person reaching phenomenal heights has a coach or an influential person in their life.  Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson, Madonna has her fitness and vocal coaches, and Steve Jobs had business coach Bill Campbell.


Who is your coach?


At the New York Quest Center, we develop individuals to pursue powerfully their passions using five key principles.  These five principles reflect strategies to overcome the challenges involved in daily life, whether in a professional environment or protecting yourself or your loved ones while walking home.  All of us have a vision, something to express in the world.  By training in the innovative To-Shin Do program, you learn the fundamentals of self-defense in a safe training environment, build a network of friends, and develop expressing your inner vision.

Level One

The Level 1 program starts with training individuals to express confidently themselves in their professional and personal lives.  Through the first principle of earth, you gain confidence in handling a situation before it gets out of control.  You learn to take command of a situation.  You practice this leadership quality by learning physical skills in defending against routine punches, kicks, takedowns, and grabs as you learn to hold your ground in a safe atmosphere.  Positively handling the physical lessons of dealing with a simulated dangerous situation, you learn to become a leader.  As you continue to train, you develop management skills both professionally and personally.

Level Two

Through the second principle of water, you gain the skill to adapt objectively to challenges as the situation arises.  Through cunning wit and flexibility, it is possible to avoid direct emotional confrontation and “swim along the current”.  You learn how to flow with life’s changes.  You practice this leadership quality by learning physical skills in applying and receiving wrist joint locks and ground fighting.  Positively handing the physical lessons of being locked-up or pinned down, you learn to ride the “wave of change” and successfully come out on top using flow.

Through the third principle of fire, you gain the skill to engage and capture “the moment”.  You transition from waiting for your chance to creating your own opportunities.  Through connection, it is possible to move past fear or loss, and become fully engaged.  Think of those times when everything was going your way – would you enjoy generating this feeling more often?  You learn how to capture the moment.  You practice this leadership quality by learning physical skills to grapple and throw opponents much larger than your size using  leverage and timing.  Positively handling the physical lessons of grappling with a larger person, you learn to capture the moment and successfully direct any project you take on in life.

Level Three

Through the fourth principle of wind, you gain the skill to avoid and become elusive.  You transition from being lost in your thoughts to efficacy.  Through the direct application of knowledge and experience, it is possible to move past intellectual thought to a state of “wisdom” and “efficiency”.  Think of the times you felt lost in your thoughts and wish you could just apply your vision more successfully like a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  You learn the art of efficacy — efficient and effective application.  You practice this leadership quality by learning physical skills in applying and escaping an arm-lock and avoiding a person landing a blow.  Positively handling the physical lessons of avoiding those circumstances that drain your energy, you learn to protect yourself and others successfully through efficient action.

Through the fifth principle of void, you gain the skill to communicate and express yourself.  Eloquence and articulation of vision, you develop the ability to be “you” in the moment.  You practice transitioning through the five principles and learn appropriateness and subtlety.  You practice these two leadership qualities by learning how to respond more effectively to any physical or emotional attack and build momentum towards your black belt in To-Shin Do.

Hajime!  Begin your training today!